This is just a short line to welcome you all to the service users and patients blogsite of the Blithehale Medical Centre.

This site is your opportunity to find out things about the centre that you won’t necessarily see on their official website, because this is your chance to have your say about your experiences with the practice.

For conveniency, this blogsite is being run in partnership with the Mr Bloggy group of blogsites, run by east-end blogger (and Blithehale patient) Mark Mapstone.

If you would like to add a comment, or even a story, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page or the ‘Comment’ facility at the end of every article. All articles and comments must be cleared by the site controller before being approved for inclusion, in order to prevent bad language and computer viruses etc.

You will find that all articles will automatically be sent to the Mr Bloggy Sites accounts on: Facebook. Twitter, Linked-In, Google+ and Tumblr. Links to each will be on the side bar on every page. (as will links to other Mr Bloggy Sites)

Remember that this is your site, to enter your stories or comments. Did something funny happen on your last visit, or do you have something to complain about?  Do you want to thank someone, or just have a moan? Do you need more information on anythimg related to the practice.

Anything requiring follow-up by the Centre will be raised at the next Patient Participation Group, and the results published in their minutes and on this site if it originated here.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER that this site is not here to give medical diagnosis or medical advice, but we can let you know where to get that information.

Mostly, lets just try to have some fun with the site.

Happy Blogging

Mark Mapstone, aka Mr Bloggy

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