2 comments on “AUTISM IS AMONGST US

  1. “Suffers from autism” “autism sufferers” “with ADHD and Asperger’s”

    Nobody “suffers” from autism. Autistic people “suffer” from a lack of acceptance and understanding.

    Asperger’s IS autism.

    Man, your language is harmful to the autistic community. This needs some heavy rewording and I don’t have the patience to do a demo rewrite because I’m so sick of seeing autism described this way. Stop talking about us like we’re diseased!


    • I am sorry if you feel insulted by the wording used, I have only reported what happened at the event, and if you could suggest amendments, I will try to make them. I realise that you have strong feelings on this subject, but it does your cause no good to insult those who are trying to help.


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